What types of fireworks you can use in UK?

Fireworks are widely used for entertainment purposes as they are low explosive devices. They are perfectly blended with a restricted amount of flash powder and fuses to make safe displays. They are used by general people and professionals on fireworks shows and celebrations. However, fireworks Canterbury also has different classifications. In the United Kingdom, there are mainly two types of fireworks. One is for sale to the general public and another for professional displays. Though their purpose is the same “entertainment”, but they are different in size and basically the display effects.

We have all types of fireworks

  • At Cube Fireworks, we are the certified wholesalers of fireworks in the United Kingdom. We hold the license to display fireworks for sale Canterbury with different types and classifications. We trade in both the 1.3 G and 1.4 G fireworks. These are the two main categories of fireworks that are generally safe to use. But, due to differences in their power and display effects, they are used for different events.
  • 1.4 is the consumer fireworks that have less amount of flash powder. These are considered safe fireworks for the general public. Whereas, the 1.3 categories are not considered safe for the consumers as they have high flash powder and big display effects. They are mainly used by experts for fireworks displays during particular events.

Play safe with bigger fireworks

  • Though, the UK fireworks regulations permit the use of bigger fireworks for the events. But, it is really important to comply with the safety instructions before using these fireworks. We offer the range of cheap 1.3 G fireworks Canterbury that professional pyrotechnician use for grand events that are hosted by the cities. Like Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year, and Halloween, these fireworks are used by experts to entertain the public.
  • We supply these fireworks to the retail fireworks store with extra care. Nevertheless, the transportation of these explosives requires proper packaging and special vehicles. So, we adhere to the instructions by the officials and fulfill our responsibility greatly to provide these fireworks for the events.

Get entertained at home with consumer fireworks

  • The range of our small and cheap 1.4 G fireworks Canterbury is suitable to use by consumers. These are small fireworks with a low amount of flash powder. They are generally safer than the bigger fireworks and do not require special guidance and supervision. We supply these fireworks to our retail networks as well for consumers’ use. These fireworks have fountains, rockets, cakes, wheels, and sparklers, etc. People can use these fireworks even in the backyard of their homes. They can ignite by reading the instructions mentioned on the packaging.
  • Smaller fireworks are not risky like professional display fireworks. But, still, there is a need to follow the safety parameters. So, while using these fireworks it is always important to keep a bucket of water closer. In case of fire, individuals can throw water on them and also they need to dispose of fireworks after use.