What are 1.3g and 1.4g fireworks in UK?

As a general term, people tend to know that all the fireworks are the same when it comes to using them for celebrations. But in reality, they are classified in different categories according to size, safety, range, and content. There are mainly two types of fireworks that are categorized as 1.3G and 1.4G.

1.3G fireworks

They are considered as large fireworks that you can usually see as displays at the bigger events. Generally, the use of these fireworks requires training and permit.

1.4G fireworks

They are the common fireworks that are usually for the use of the general public and do not require any permit.

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Use 1.4g fireworks for backyard fun

We also have an impressive range of cheap 1.4g fireworks Walsall. These are comparatively safer fireworks than 1.3g as they contain less flash powder and pyrotechnics. You can get them to blow in the backyard without any expert supervision and training. The primary examples of these fireworks are:

Fountains and cones


Small rockets

Roman candles

And ground wheels etc

These are the perfect fireworks that you can also bring for kids. You can blow them for in-house celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali, and Christmas.

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We comply with British Standards

All of our fireworks comply with the British Standards to ensure that our customers will get top-quality fireworks. We also make efforts to ensure that they have safe use of these fireworks as the packs of 1.3g fireworks contain “Danger” caution. The 1.4g fireworks are packed with “Warning” caution. It helps buyers to understand the difference between these products so that they take safety measures accordingly.

We can make perfect fireworks display

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