Think big with compound cakes and rocket fireworks on this Diwali

Diwali is no doubt a popular festival in the UK. It is the most awaiting celebration because people get extra time to blow the fireworks at night. Usually, the fireworks cut-off time for other occasions in the UK is 11 pm. But, for Diwali, it is 1 am. So, the night is big and the show must go on with full thrash. During this Diwali, you must think big by exploring our wide range of compound cakes and rockets. These fireworks are known for displaying high effects with a louder sound, so check out the cheap fireworks compound cakes Bangor at Cube Fireworks now.

Repeat the fireworks fantasy with compound cakes

Compound cakes are the series of sky-shots that are bind together to explode large displays. They can make the fireworks show an exquisite show by exploding the shots repeatedly into the air. You only need to blow them once and they can last for several minutes. The action would repeat with a bursting sound and fill the sky with wonderful colors. No matter! Our products also fill your soul with happiness as you can get cheap fireworks cakes Bangor under a sensible budget.

Some of our top compound cakes are:




Athena & Poseidon

They are available online to attain the best fireworks displays at Diwali and offering wholesale prices. Spreading dazzling effects with longer function and are made with quality to have the safer Diwali celebrations without any glitches.

Rocket up your joy with our rocket fireworks

Rockets are the hub of attraction during the celebrations especially Diwali. They are high-flying fireworks that shoot rapidly in the sky and explode with colors, sparks, and glitters. At Cube Fireworks, we have gathered an authentic range of cheap rocket fireworks Bangor to let you obtain the finest fireworks for the upcoming festival. Whether you want to provide the large rocket packs to your clients or want to mingle with them during Diwali, you can get the best. We have a small and large assortment of rockets that are suitable for both homely celebrations and for professional events as well. Moreover, they are packed with the ability to display single, double, or even triple bursting effects in the sky.

Rockets are full of force

Rocket fireworks are full of force as they are manufactured with the use of black powder. However, the quantity of powder determines that with how much force the rocket would shoot at the sky and what will be the effects? We have normal and 1.3G rockets that can change the entire scenario of your event. Although they are cheap fireworks rockets Bangor but the display is majestic. Some of our rocket fireworks are:

Super whirl

Trail maker

Fabulous rocket pack

Amazing rocket pack

Universal explorer

They are readily available on our website  so, getting them is really hassle-free and quick by placing an online order. Sort our all range of fireworks for more diversity. Happy and safe Diwali!