Rockets and Cakes – The craziest fireworks by Cube Fireworks

Rockets and Cakes – The craziest fireworks by Cube Fireworks

Hey Folks! We are from Cube Fireworks that are offering a huge line of crazy rocket and cakes fireworks. These are amongst the top fireworks that people love to ignite during celebrations. Working as wholesale suppliers of fireworks, we have rocket fireworks Exeter. Therefore, if you are quite exciting to indulge in a celebration at home or outside, we can supply you with a variety of these fireworks. We are open to serve you physically or online to check-in for obtaining the range of fireworks that you want.

Check below information about these two fireworks


These are the most commonly used fireworks that you can easily see while events like Diwali, Guy Fawkes Night, New Year, and wedding celebrations. Unlike major fireworks like barrages these fireworks often not provide series of sky blasts. But holds one-time miracle in the sky with loud bursting of colors and sparklers. We have genuine variety of low-priced fireworks rockets Exeter that you can order online. You can check in our website to see rockets categorized as 1.4G and 1.3G. These fireworks have different power and capacity to deliver results in the sky.

Money-friendly rockets

This is really impressive and exciting to get hot deals online for rocket fireworks. We are the biggest wholesalers of fireworks that supply fireworks across the UK. Therefore, we can provide you with money-friendly fireworks that you cannot find at open stands and other fireworks stores. We have a wide array of rockets such as:

Air Strike

Fabulous Rocket Pack

Universal Explorer

Trail Maker

Master Blaster

Sky Thunder, etc.

You can check this marvelous range of rocket fireworks by visiting our online store. By adding them to your shopping cart, you can confirm delivery by paying through an easy payment network.


If you want to see a series of constant sky shots with attractive colors and loud sound then you should not miss out the cake section. Cakes contain a customized series of sky shots setting at one place. They are linked with internal fuses to each other and can be ignited with a single outer fuse. We offer fireworks compound cakes Exeter at competitive wholesale prices so you can place order to grab the attractive deals. You can ignite the fuse of cakes and sit back to see the hundreds of colorful sparks blast into the sky. These fireworks are also used in big events.

Wide variety of cakes

It is our great endeavor to hold the finest range of fireworks cakes Exeter for enthusiast fireworks lovers. We have a wide array of these fireworks which includes the most valued fireworks such as:


Air Alert

Galaxy Defender


Hell Raiser

Gorilla, etc.

You can see the video trial of these fireworks online by visiting our official website. Once you view them bursting in the sky, you cannot stop them to place online order. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and convenient shipping would further give your advantage of shopping with us.