Make a dazzling home celebration with our fireworks barrages UK

Are you looking for the fireworks to create some dazzling effects this Christmas? If yes, then we at Cube Fireworks offering a huge range of fireworks barrage cakes. These are the group of roman candles that are connected to a single fuse for igniting the shots together. We are the wholesale suppliers of these amazing fireworks throughout the United Kingdom. We have gained high recommendations among customers for providing the best fireworks UK. You can visit our site to find the best priced barrage packs and order them online now.

Make a blast in the series of compound cakes

Our fireworks barrages UK are designed to blow in the series to provide you a spectacular display with multiple shots. It is a long-lasting fireworks that can last for a minute or more. In order to ignite this magical burst, you simply need to fire the outer wick that you can find on top of the barrage. We have connected ignition fuses of shots together internally, so when you blow the outer wick it will ignite fast and the multiple shots would come one by one from the box.

Fantastic fireworks show for your backyard

You might be in a dilemma that whether a barrage cake could be a suitable firework for home or not? But, it is really a wonderful fireworks that you can blow at your backyard. We also have small sized fireworks barrages UK that are absolutely apt for personal use, so you can check them out from our extensive assortment. The barrages with the lower number of roman candles are safe for a backyard adventure. You just flame the fuse and sit back to watch the show along with your family to make the celebration outstanding.  

Some of our barrage cakes are as below

Dynamite barrage pack: You can shop for this fascinating pack of multiple shots that would give you a stunning colorful display at night. You can buy it for just 175 pounds and can get 12 cakes each with 25 shots. It means that you can get a pack of 300 shots that can make your home adventure unforgettable. You can make blasts continuously to create a buzz and get full value for your money.

Detonation barrage pack: Get this pack to blow 19 shots towards the sky with beautiful red, blue, green, and purple colors. The fireworks sound along with the colorful display will soothe your ears and eyes. You can get this full pack in just 70 pounds with 6 different packs containing 19 shots each.

Demolition barrage pack: It contains 9 cakes with 20 shots each. It displays effects with lemon, green, purple, and blue with white glitters. By spending just 125 pounds, you can own this pack of wonders. All of our barrage packs are packed with fun and are safer to use for the general public. You can check more variety for our best fireworks UK to shop online.