Know about the ground and aerial fireworks by Cube Fireworks

Know about the ground and aerial fireworks by Cube Fireworks

Probably it is the right time when you may think about collecting the fireworks for your audience to use during festival season. You can use them at back of the home and can make professional displays. But if you are new to this bursting buzz, you probably need to have good knowledge about different types of fireworks Exeter. These items are usually categorized into aerial and ground fireworks and at Cube Fireworks, we have these both types of fireworks. So, you will see the major difference in these two fireworks in this post.

Aerial fireworks

These are the fireworks that are designed to burst in the sky to show colorful effects with loud sound. These fireworks are used in big events like festivals, sports, corporate shows, and festivals like Diwali and Bonfire Night. They are further classified as:


Rockets are the most favorite fireworks that are attached to a thin stick and shoot into the sky to display colorful effects. They showcase a variety of effects such as whistles, stars, and bangs etc. with bursting sounds. The effects are colorful like green, red, silver, gold, and white. These are mainly big fireworks that comes in 1.3 G category which is considered as professional display fireworks. We deal in wholesale 1.3G fireworks Exeter and has large quantity of rockets.

Cakes and barrages

Next in this category are cakes and barrages. These are the powerful aerial fireworks that are loaded with tubes attached to each other and with an outer lit. Once the lit is on fire, these fireworks start exploding the sky-shots with loud sound and display colorful effects with stars, crackling, and bangs. These aerial fireworks are available with 200 and 500 grams. We have high-quality range of these fireworks to be used for festivals and big events.

Ground Fireworks

These fireworks are designed to deliver full-pack entertainment on the ground. They do not burst in the sky and usually considered as small fireworks. These fireworks are also sub-categorized as:

Fountains and sparklers

These are the soft and safe fireworks that people can enjoy without much risk. Generally, these fireworks are recommended to use for general public. But there are also rockets and cakes available that are preloaded with low amount of gun powder and safe for consumer use. These fireworks are categorized into 1.4G. We have wide array of consumers 1.4G fireworks Exeter that we distribute among our traders network across the UK.


Wheels are also round fireworks that can be used on the ground. They come with a fuse that revolve the disc faster on the ground and release fire with crackling sound.

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