Fireworks 1.3 G and 1.4 G – What you should know

At Cube Fireworks, we are truly inspired by the fireworks that put us into the fireworks industry with a passion. They are the perfect entertainers as we used to blow them in childhood. Our love for fireworks has encouraged us to become the biggest wholesale brand to provide the exclusive choice of fireworks Bath to a large number of fireworks stores. Today, we are covering a wide area across the United Kingdom to provide modern series of fireworks to the retail network. We have all sorts of 1.3G and 1.4G fireworks.

1.3G fireworks

These fireworks fall under the category of display fireworks. They usually contain more than 25 grams of flash powder to display bigger effects. There is a belief among many individuals that these fireworks are more powerful than the 1.4 G range. Truly speaking, this is not the case in regard to all the fireworks. However, several factors such as size, the quantity of black powder, and chemicals can make a difference. We have the cheap 1.3G fireworks Bath for bigger celebrations.

In the United Kingdom, for many fireworks companies, the delivery of these fireworks is a big issue. When it comes to transporting a large number of big fireworks more than 50 kg, the driver needs an ADR license. However, at Cube Fireworks we are lucky enough to have this license to carry out these fireworks for transportation and deliveries.

We have a variety of rockets, cakes, and barrages that comes under the category of 1.3 G fireworks.

1.4G fireworks

These are the common fireworks that are intended to use by the general public and are safer than bigger fireworks. While, retailers can keep storage of these fireworks without any restrictions than 1.3 G. Cube Fireworks offer the cheap 1.4 G fireworks Bath that are also available in the form of cakes, rockets, and barrages, etc. These fireworks contain less amount of black powder compared to the 1.3 G range. So, they are considered safe for the general public and can be easily found in the marketplaces during the peak season.

The summary

There is no doubt to say that 1.3 G fireworks have more explosive power and capacity than 1.4 G fireworks. The major difference between these two types of fireworks for sale Bath can be noticed in the rockets. The bigger rockets can showcase large effects when shoot to the sky and burst with louder sound. They are particularly suitable when it comes to making grand fireworks displays. On the other hand, the small fireworks such as 1.4 G have lower effects than those that make louder and bigger displays.

At Cube Fireworks, we are the approved wholesale company that has the license to keep stock of both fireworks categories. We deliver them to our collaborative business partners throughout the country without any problem. The quality of our fireworks in Bath is far better than those available openly at the stands and we also serve bulk orders.