Check different types of fireworks available at Cube Fireworks importers

Check different types of fireworks available at Cube Fireworks importers

Fireworks are commercially available now days to use for several occasions. Previously, people tend to use them only during the festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and Bonfire Night etc. But now, individuals also prefer to use them during weddings and parties. However, it is undeniable that fireworks are popular for a variety of reasons. We at Cube Fireworks are the fireworks importer in Durham introducing superior class fireworks. We are working diligently to ensure consistent supply of fireworks to consumers through our wholesale network. Here is the list of our fireworks products mentioned below.


Fountains are the highly preferred fireworks that we stocked with high quantity for consumers. These are the safest and charming novelty fireworks that every individual loves to use. In addition, if you are looking for fireworks which are cost-efficient, fountains are the best. Working as fireworks importers in Durham, we hold the top-notch quality for these fireworks and has wide range available in size and shape. Our Frosty fountain is a popular product that is supplied across the UK and is sourced from top manufacturers.

Ground spinners

Another popular types of ground fireworks are ground spinners. These are the round-shaped fireworks that spins faster on the flat ground and are favorite among the kids. We admire and recommend the use of these spinners for the children since they are safe. We have the smaller to larger versions of these fireworks in the store. We have imported these fireworks from our associate manufacturers to supply across UK. We are located as importer of fireworks in Durham and manage a large wholesale network to deliver these highly demanded fireworks to consumers. We have some popular ground spinners which are commonly referred to as jumping jacks and blooming flowers.

Rockets and missiles

Missiles and rockets are the aerial shooters that wonders people with amazing effects in the sky. These are the most preferred aerial fireworks that you can find in our virtual fireworks store. You can see wide variety of these fireworks in small and large sizes. However, rockets look like conventional missiles that shoots faster into the sky to display colorful shows. You can visit our e-store and can check the variety of these fireworks. It is also simple to place an order for rockets since you can select the products and can add them to your cart.

Aerial repeaters

It is needless to say that big aerial shooters come with supplementary explosives to shoot amazing displays. We have the best range for these fireworks which are available in various sizes. You can see our barrages, cakes, and compound cakes which release consistent explosives to the sky. You can also seek affordable range of aerial repeaters by visiting our website. You can gain monetary advantage from your cost-friendly fireworks importer in Durham and can see the cost difference itself. We offer quality and quantity both to our wholesale network and also ensure safety of people while using fireworks.