Buy fireworks selection boxes this Diwali to make a blast

Are you an out of the box thinker and want something different this Diwali that is not traditional? If yes, then we at Cube Fireworks are here to serve you with an impressive range of fireworks boxes. We are the fireworks selection boxes wholesalers UK that stock up with affordable collection packs. Our fireworks packs are equipped with rockets, sparklers, fountains, wheels, and candles, etc., and start from the range of 15 pounds to a maximum of 90 pounds. There is nothing a better deal than buying selection boxes.

Our wide assortment of fireworks collection boxes is suitable for small and large displays. You can get one or more to impress your kids and family by blowing them in your backyard. There are also packs available that have a larger display and safe to fire at a big place. So, it is advised you to make the choice accordingly as per a general rule, otherwise, it’s completely depends on you.

Cheetah selection box

It is the most reasonably priced set of different fireworks that you can get by just spending an amount of 15 sterling pounds. It could also be the finest present collection that you can give to your friends or family on the eve of Diwali. You will get 1 wheel, 2 roman candles, 4 rockets, and 10 fountains in this assortment to enjoy this Diwali. You can search firework selection boxes UK online to land at our web page for buying.

Leopard selection box

If you are looking for an average-priced bunch of fireworks then you can consider our leopard selection box to add to your wish list. It has an adequate variety of fireworks as you would get a total of 21 fireworks which include 11 fountains, 4 shot tubes, 3 rockets, 2 roman candles, and 1 wheel. As the fireworks selection boxes wholesalers UK, we are offering this modern pack for just 37 pounds. It could be a nice deal to make a bang for your bucks this Diwali to make a celebration remarkable.

Tiger selection box

One of the power-packed UK firework selection boxes that consist of 26 bursts in a single pack. It offers an exciting range of colorful and vibrant effects with our most favorite tiger selection box. You will get 9 fountains that go to the tremendous height, 4 rockets to make the sky radiant, 4 shot tubes, 4 roman candles, 2 cakes, 2 mines, and 1 wheel. It is a pack that has been heavily discounted with our wholesale price and you can get it for 80 pounds. It is the value pack that offers a large number of dazzling fireworks to make your Diwali night filled with colors and joy.

Lion selection box The biggest and costlier fireworks bundle that you can avail for only 90 pounds with 30 fireworks. So, you can meet all of your fireworks requirements under 100 pounds by visiting our site.