Amazing fireworks variety at great discounts by Cube Fireworks

Cube Fireworks is here to fulfill all of your fireworks needs without any fail. We are the successfully established fireworks wholesalers in Bath offering an amazing variety of fireworks at alluring discounts. We are offering a grand array of consumer fireworks through our widespread retailer channel for several events like New Year, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, and Guy Fawkes Night. Our specialty to satisfy the needs from backyard fireworks parties to huge fireworks displays has taken us forward as the prominent wholesale company. Our wide range of fireworks is excellently managed in our storage facilities for year-round delivery to fireworks lovers.

Check out our magnificent fireworks variety

Compound cakes

We have the largest assortment of compound cakes in the United Kingdom. These fireworks are just amazing to deliver the best displays when ignited. They are bound together with multiple shot tubes that have several colorful effects when burst in the air. Some of our great compound cakes are colossus, boneshaker, air alert, and centurion that deliver multiple shots and lasts for several minutes. The combination of red, green, blue, gold, and silver-colored sparks and stars make them alluring fantasies. These fireworks are available at wholesale prices.


As the big wholesaler of fireworks in Bath, we have kept the big stock of rocket fireworks. These fireworks always gained greater popularity among people due to their aggressive nature to shoot at the sky. We have the best quality range of amazing rocket packs that shows the bigger display with red and gold silver palm trees and fly high to burst with sparks and glitters. We have all collections of rockets that are suitable for bigger displays during Bonfire Night, Diwali, weddings, and parties. Our rockets fireworks assortment also has products that are safe for the backyard fun as well.

Selection boxes

The most alluring segment of our fireworks world is selection boxes. These are the boxes that are houses of multiple fireworks. They keep the collection of roman candles, fountains, rockets, cakes, wheels, and shot tubes. We have different selections of boxes of fireworks wholesale Bath that are available at discounted prices. These boxes are the best gifts for any occasion to be used for celebrations. The budget for these boxes is considerably low but the buzz they create is priceless. They are fun-filled boxes that want special treatment during extraordinary occasions to make them simply wonderful.

Fountains and sparklers

It is the cutest range of fireworks that everyone loves to blow during festivals and celebrations. As the paramount fireworks wholesalers in Bath, we offer these products at very tempting prices. They are exclusively suitable for backyard fun activities and do not require special permissions to blow. You can blow them in a quiet environment as they do not make noise. The crackling sound of these ultimate fireworks sounds nice to the ears and the colorful displays please the viewers. We also have candles and a golden wheel to add glow to any celebration.