1.3 G or 1.4 G fireworks – what you should know about them

1.3 G or 1.4 G fireworks – what you should know about them

In the United Kingdom, fireworks safety is imperative. Therefore, the fireworks are given distinct ratings as per their sizes and uses. They are mainly classified as 1.3 G and 1.4 G fireworks. Therefore, while shopping for fireworks you might find it confusing to choose the right fireworks. At Cube Fireworks, we have all sorts of fireworks Ely which are meant for professional and consumer use. These fireworks are mainly identified with their explosive content and need to be used with specific safety parameters. So, look how you can identify them and what they are meant for below.

Professional fireworks (1.3 G)

These are the professional fireworks or you can say comes under the classification of our superior-class 1.3G fireworks Ely. These fireworks are not for sale to the consumers. The reason is that these fireworks contain maximum explosion content that makes them somewhat dangerous. These fireworks are only meant for the professionals who are well-known as pyrotechnicians. They are specially trained people who can make use of these fireworks for big events. In UK, these fireworks are restricted to use by the general public. They can only be carried out by the large organizations for public displays and shows during events and celebrations.

Consumer fireworks (1.4 G)

These are the truly consumer fireworks that have acquired a rating of 1.4. These fireworks are approved to sold to general consumers as they are safer than bigger ones. These fireworks cannot carry flash powder than 50mg for ground fireworks and 130 mg for aerial fireworks. Therefore, you can get these fireworks from us to deliver to the consumers. We have vast availability of safe 1.4G fireworks Ely that you can seek to choose as per your unique order requirements.

Safety and legality

As far as safety and legality is concerned then you must know that professional fireworks are illegal to store and sell to general buyers. You cannot keep these fireworks in your store and cannot even buy them from any unauthorized source. Doing this can pose legal charges on you and fine as well. We are the wholesale distributors that have license for keeping both fireworks for sale Ely. We have ample storage space where we can keep the hazardous fireworks in a separate enclosure. We also have specialized arrangement for storing the consumer fireworks to provide to general public through our distributing networks.

Cost and performance

It is needless to mention that professional fireworks are costlier than consumer fireworks. The reason is they perform greater than small fireworks. They are also the loudest fireworks that can make huge impact while using for any event. Therefore, if you want to seek the pro fireworks then you will have to spend more money. However, you can seek for some discounted fireworks Ely by getting them in bulk quantity. This would certainly save you money, time, and effort. You can place online order for the fireworks by visiting our website.